Sunday, February 19, 2012

Japanese Extreme Sensuality

The Japanese are very sensual people. They seek stimulation of their sense of taste, smell, touch, sound and sight. To stimulate their sense of taste, they seek highly quality food made with fresh ingredients. To stimulate their sense of smell, they seek the best French perfumes. To stimulate their sense of touch, they seek carnal pleasures or the joy of sitting in a hot spring. To stimulate their sense of sight, they pursue artistic development with classes in flower arrangement, calligraphy, or fashion design. When they aren't actually being stimulated, Japanese like to watch television shows of others being stimulated.

Canadians are not sensual by comparison to the Japanese. On Canadian television, there is very little in the realm of the senses. Canadian television is dominated by political themed shows that exist in the realm of the opinion and moral activism. The focus on morality and opinion can cause some problems with Canadians in Japan. Some Canadians have a tendency to be critical of Japanese for being apathetic about issues the Canadian believes is important.

Japanese love cute things. At times, the cuteness can be a little extreme by Canadian standards. For example, vending machines in love hotels often sell Hello Kitty vibrators. Likewise, when Japanese women refer to each other, they may add the title ‘chan’, which means ‘child.’ As far as the Japanese are concerned, there is nothing strange about a business woman wearing a suit but having someone refer to her as a child as she adjusts her make up using a pixie power mirror.

In Canada, women have an ideology of growing old gracefully and some of the Japanese customs would be frowned upon for having connotations of paedophilia. Somewhat in contradiction to their ethic, Canadian women often remove their pubic hair in a way that the Japanese would consider to have paedophilic connotations. Very few Japanese women remove their pubic hair.

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